We are a national association that promotes and professionalizes the strategic value of architecture and interior design, by establishing business alliances (networking) with:

Design and architecture companies, suppliers, companies, plastic artists, specialized journals and universities.




 +To set up a select group that brings together the best in interior design and architecture nationwide. (AAA)

 +To create and improve business associations. (Joint ventures)

+To reward the best in architecture and interior design in Mexico.

+To have our work be certified and accredited.

+To perform "customized" projects.

+Encourage new talent.


Our main services:



+Business networking

+Exclusive events.

+Intel meetings.

+Creating and managing social networks.


Our customers

The architecture, interior design, industrial design and arts sector throughout Mexico.


Our main events:


*The National Architecture and Interior Design Award.

We introduced an award five years ago to reward the work of the best architecture and interior design companies in Mexico, which we called the Premio Nacional AAI México (the National AAI Mexico Award).

The award does not depend any journal, medium or brand, which means that we can actually concentrate on the complete essence of architecture and interior design, with no attachments, commitment or pressure.

Every year, the award is decided by a group of panelists well known throughout the country.


*Premio Norteño de Arquitectura e Interiorismo (The Northern Architecture and Interior Design Award).

Two years ago we introduced an award to acknowledge the work of the best architects and interior designers in the north of Mexico, as our main offices are in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, the Premio Norteño AAI México (the Northern Mexico AAI Award).


*Monterrey House Design.

Mty House Design is a front-line cultural architecture and design event held in the city of Monterrey.

The event brings together the most talented architects, designers and artists in the north of Mexico, together with the most famous brands, designer stores and architecture firms.

The venue of the event changes every year in order to create alternative proposals.

The event lasts three weeks so it is fairly short.

We have proudly hosted two events, both of which have been highly successful.


If you want more information  about members, advertising, stadistics, please mail us: mex.aai@gmail.com or follow us @ facebook and twitter.